Meet Bruno Frustaci

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Award-winning master stylist, hair restoration specialist and Virtual Reality studio owner Bruno Frustaci is at the forefront of fashionable solutions to hair loss, renowned for his outstanding technical knowledge and creative abilities. He has won over 100 international awards, including Best Hair Restoration of the Year Award by the World Hairstyling Organization and " Featured Salon" by HairUWear®, a global leader in hair enhancement. Only 1% of all salons are qualified to be Certified Virtual Reality and Virtuesse concept studios, and Bruno is in their top tier.


Bruno Frustaci began his hairdressing career at the age of 12, in his home town of Calabria, Italy. Bruno is known for his hair restoration skills, delivering signature and innovative, yet wearable couture hair. His passion and incredible skills have his clients' loyalty for over 40 years.

Bruno Frustaci is a member of the National Cosmetology Association, OMC Prestige Club, and the Elite Group of Hairstylists Worldwide. Bruno is a World Champion Hairstylist and has won over 100 international awards. In Bruno's words, "Hair restoration is my absolute passion. I count myself lucky to have a job that allows me to be an ambassador for something I love. I am never finished. I always push for more and you can see the results in my clients' reactions."


Bruno has developed incredible relationships and gained praise from such leaders as Salvatore Fodera, President of the World Hairstyling Organization, and Lance Centofanti, Virtual Reality concept innovator.


  • OMC Hairworld Milano 2012 - Professional Beauty Association
  • Rachel Molepske, PBA Manager of Leadership Operations
  • Carmelo Gugliotti, OMC World Global Director of Competition USA
  • Annie Frustaci, Brunos Hair Solutions Owner
  • Bruno Frustaci, Hair Master, Studio Owner & OMC General Commissioner Gents Division
  • Marlene Knoepp Bridge, PBA/NCA Council, Educatior / Consultant
  • Graciela Santiler-Nowik, Beauty Professional/NCA Council President
  • Mark Goodman, PBA/NCA Section President
  • Diane S. White, Past President of NCA (now PBA)

Bruno Frustaci, Salvatore Fodera (OMC World President) with Winning Models Michele & Marco - Gents Division

Bruno Frustaci, wife Annie Frustaci, best friend Salvatore Fodera (OMC World Pesident) , wife Mary Fodera, Pierre Seassari and Peter Cardon @ Omchairworld Milano Italy 2012

Bruno Frustaci (General Commissioner Gents Division) with Winners, amazing talent! OMC Hairworld Milano Italy 2012

OMC Hairworld 2012 Milano

OMC Hairworld Milano 2012 Passion, Courage & Talent = Winner!